Investing in Real Estate in the USA is a business where profitability is the key to success


Invested in real estate

Estimated Yield

+ 8-12%


12 Months

BaltimoRealEstate LLC

BaltimoRealEstate LLC is a US-based investment company whose main business is to invest in income-generating real estate properties in the US, particularly in the thriving city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Whether you are in France or elsewhere, investing in real estate in the United States without worrying about the complexity of managing a property is possible thanks to our expertise in the field of investment and the experience of our US partners in real estate.

With a simple process generating a quick profit, we offer our investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio by investing their capital in real estate in Baltimore.

The Baltimore real estate market has been hit hard by the US subprime crisis but is now taking a new lease of life thanks to a booming economy: the establishment of large companies generates a labor market growth and attracts a young and highly skilled workforce.

Invest on your own

Time Consuming to find good investment opportunities

Hassle of being a landlord: think of purchase fees, mortgage, financing, renovation budget, etc

Concerns related to the resale the property: hiring a real estate broker and finding a buyer can be time consuming (open house, pre-closing negotiation..)

Limited real estate portfolio: higher risks of a poor investment

Uncertain profits

Stressful for the investor

Invest with BaltimoRealEstate

We find the best opportunities on the market

We manage the purchase, financing and renovation of each property

Our partner approves each of our acquisitions and guarantees he will purchase our properties

Diversification of the real estate portfolio : minimum risk of a bad investment

Estimated profits between 8 and 12%

Stress free for the investor


In the field of financial investment


Follow up tools for investors

Proven track record

In real estate with our trusted partners

Availability and responsiveness

For an optimal quality service

International team

Present in France and in the US

Financial disclosure

Establishing a relationship of trust


« Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth. »

Théodore Roosevelt

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