About Us

Yanick Jetha

Founder & Investor

Mathilde Allard

Director of Business Development

Philippe Pradal

Paris & New York Attorney

Victoria Lichet

In-house counsel - New York Attorney

Nima Ameri, Esq.

Executive Legal Adviser

Our goal is to offer our investors the opportunity to make a profit estimated between 8% and 12% after a period of about 12 months.

Our Business Model

Step 1

BaltimoRealEstate LLC identifies a distressed property with high market potential

Step 2


Step 3

The property is purchased at below market price at auction or foreclosure

Step 4

An appraiser gives a new price estimation for project, taking into account anticipated price following renovation

Step 5

Renovation work commences

Step 6


Step 7

The investor receives his/her ROI minus the 30% carry on capital gain (8% yield on initial investment)